Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do l need to invest in FMW Unit trusts?

It depends on the chosen fund the minimum is ZW$500

Do l have to commit a monthly premium?

Its flexible you don’t have to commit to a monthly payment you can pay as and when you have the resources.

How do l know which unit trust fund to invest in?

Your risk profile will determine the fund that’s appropriate for you

How do l know which unit trust fund to invest in?

it varies with the chosen fund for FMW Money Market its 30days, FMW Equity Fund 6 months FMW Bond Fund One year.

What is the expected rate of return on the FMW Money market, Bond and FMW Money market Gross fund?

The returns are dependent on the prevailing money market rates.

What are the tax incentives on investing at FMW UT?

Investors in the FMW Money Market Gross fund are exempted from withholding tax.

What are the requirements for opening a FMW UT account?

You only need a copy of ID/ Drivers licence/ Passport and proof of residence document

How can l pay for my FMW Unit Trust contributions?

The are many options which include Ecocash Biller code 26243 and Stanbic Bank accounts